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How our Seller Financing Investor Program works

Arizona Seller Financing

Since 2009 Arizona Seller Financing has been helping buyers realize the dream of home ownership without the need to qualify for traditional bank financing.  Our exclusive U-PICK seller financing program allows borrowers who need seller financing to choose ANY home for sale in the MLS.  Our company then partners with investors to purchase these properties and sell to buyers with seller financing. 

Arizona Seller Financing spends a great deal of time, effort and money attracting buyers to this program, with a staff of eight full time people dedicated to making this program successful.

Arizona Seller Financing has helped well over 100 home buyers purchase through our u-pick seller financing program.

Seller financing goes by many names:

  • Owner financing
  • Agreement for Sale
  • Land contract
  • Contract for deed
  • Seller carry back
  • Seller Financed Note

ASF Mortgage

Arizona Seller Financing is a licensed mortgage broker in Arizona, MB0947832, doing business as ASF Mortgage. Licensing was obtained to comply with DFA (Dodd Frank Act) which requires all lenders, including sellers offering owner financing, to be licensed.  In order to offer seller financing legally, except for a couple of exceptions, a seller must be licensed to originate loans in the state where their home is located.  Arizona Seller Financing is fully compliant with the Dodd Frank Act and underwrites every prospective seller financing buyer using the eight step rule outlined in the act to verify every seller financing buyer we sell to has the ability to repay.

This gives us a unique advantage in the market.  

Seller Financing Investor

In order to meet buyer demand Arizona Seller Financing must continue to raise funds to purchase additional buyer chosen properties.  We do partner with cash investors, However, we have made a conscious decision to partner with what we affectionately call our "Credit Investors".

A credit investor is an individual who:

  • Can qualify for a traditional mortgage
  • Has good credit (680+ credit)
  • Has good verifiable income
  • Is interested in partnering
  • Is interested in real estate investing through leveraging ~ using mortgage financing to invest instead of investing cash

Our Credit Investor program allows investors to own investment real estate and earn a very good return on investment with very little, and sometimes, zero long term cash investment.

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