Zero Down Credit Investor Program

Invest your Credit, not your cash

  •  Co-ownership real estate investment program offering zero net investment and safe returns to investors with good income and credit
  • 20% down payment needed ~ refunded immediately after start of investment
  • NO experience required – co-ownership with experienced seller financing company who manages the entire investment process, from initial setup, to management to final payoff.
  • This net zero down investor program allows you to buy MULTIPLE properties with a single down payment. Use the same down payment over and over. And, after several investment purchases still have zero net cash invested. 

How the Program Works


We partner with investors who can qualify for traditional bank financing to buy properties here in Arizona.  We then sell these homes to our seller financing buyers through our  U-pick seller financing program.

Our company is constantly screening buyers who cannot qualify for traditional financing but will be able to in three to five years. We require these “non-qualified” buyers to have a minimum down payment of 20% (10% for well qualified borrowers), good income and improving credit. We screen these buyers through our licensed mortgage company, Arizona Seller Financing.  These buyers work with our licensed real estate company to find the home they want – they pick the home of their choice! Our company then partners with an investor to purchase the property they chose and sells to them with seller financing. These buyers agree to an increase in price in exchange for our company purchasing the property they choose and providing seller financing.

Why we partner with investors

 With interest rates so low it is an incredible time to invest in real estate.  We buy multiple homes per month for our U-pick seller financing program. Like any real estate investment firm, we need to continually raise capital to keep acquiring properties. We have found cash investors seek a higher return than the rates offered by banks for traditional mortgages. Therefore, we seek what we call “Credit investors” to replace our traditional cash investors. This greatly increases our investment . On a $300,000 property, this results in additional profits of $30,000.

Why our investments are safer than traditional real estate investing

 Every buyer of ours provides a 10-20% down payment.  This down payment is paid directly to our investor. This lowers our cost basis in the property thereby increasing our equity position and the safety of the investment. We are providing financing to buyers who will live in the homes. These buyers will always need a place to live so are less likely to stop paying because of a decrease in real estate values  These buyers take the initial 10-20% of market risk – which greatly reduces our exposure to real estate market fluctuations. By default, every property our investors purchase is bought 10%-20% under market value (because of buyer down payment going to the investor to lower their cost basis).

We screen every buyer through our licensed mortgage company to ensure the buyers area good risk and can afford the monthly payments.  We adhere to an eight-step system to documents our buyers comply with the ability to repay requirements of the Dodd Frank Act.

What we do to earn our partnership interest

 Through our well-established marketing systems we find buyers who have a large down payment but cannot qualify for traditional bank financing.  These buyer down payments are paid out to our credit investing partners so the credit investor has little to zero-net cash invested yet retains an ownership interest in each property.  This down payment from our seller financing buyer also provides the investment with the equity protection needed to make it safe. The buyer’s down payment increases our equity position in each investment and provides our investments with added security over traditional real estate investments.  The result is our credit investors are investing in real estate at a 20% discount on every transaction.

The credit investor does not need prior real estate investing experience. This investing model provides safe consistent monthly returns and large profits without the constant management normally associated with real estate investing.  Our seller financing buyers take much of the investment risk – making this investing model very safe with consistent returns. In addition to screening every prospective buyer we also manage the investment over its entire life with no charge or cost.  We offer a truly safe, turnkey investment model for those who want to invest in real estate without the time constraints, risk or long term cash investment normally required.

What types of Real Estate we invest in

  • Our seller financing buyers find homes in the greater Phoenix, Arizona area – typically single-family homes priced between $150,000 and $600,000. 
  • We only invest in single family homes, condos and townhomes that are in good condition.  We do not invest in manufactured homes or land.
  • Our extensive marketing campaign locates buyers who have the large down payments yet need seller financing. Our pre-qualification screening process and the large buyer down payment requirement make these investments very safe. Our seller financing buyers agree to pay a higher price and higher interest rate making the investments very profitable. Eventually when these buyers can obtain their own financing a large profit is realized when the investment is paid off. These investments consistently produce 10%-20% price mark-ups and monthly cash flow that can double the overall investment profit. Hold times are 3 to 5 years. On average $30,000 to $100,000 profit per investment can be obtained.


Our seller financing investments constantly provide returns to investors of $25,000 - $50,000 per investment over a five year period.  Approximately 50% of this comes from cash flow generated from the investment and 50% from the increase in price the seller financing buyer agrees to pay for the property (above the investor's purchase price)

Exit Strategy

One of the greatest things about our seller financing investments are they have a built in exit strategy.  In about three to five years our seller financing buyer typically refinances into traditional financing and pays off the investment.  No need to worry about market timing or when is the best time to sell.

So, the question is: Why aren’t you investing your credit?

Use your GOOD CREDIT capitalize on today’s real estate market. Our program allows investors with a 680 credit score or better to purchase as many as 10 properties at any given time with zero net money out of pocket. And with this partnership program, you can even put cash in your pocket at the start of each investment – some of our investors pocket as much as $10,000 per investment up front and make as much as $50,000 per investment

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